Minutes of the December 7, 2002 regular monthly meeting of the

Henry L. Kinney Chapter #17,

Sons of the Republic of Texas



Grady Price Blount*

Tim Erwin (prospective member)

Joe Fox (prospective member)

Tom Gomez, Jr.*

Skip Kennedy*

Ed Ledwig (prospective member)

John McElroy (prospective member)

Lawrence Nichols (prospective member)

Tim Rainey* (at La Bahia later in the day)

Carrie Rote (guest)

Chris Rote (member of San Antonio chapter)

Wyatt Whitworth (prospective member)

*Active SRT members with Chapter 17 affiliation



Grady Price Blount called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM in the Banquet Room of the Golden Corral, 1921 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas.


Minutes from the November 2002 meeting had been posted at www.geomadre.com/srt and were approved.


Grady reported that John Clanton had been approved for full membership, making him the first new member of our reorganized chapter.  Prospective member Lawrence Nichols presented his application for approval and signature.


Grady reported that the Nueces County Historical Commission has invited us to participate in their Texas Independence Day activities to be held at 2PM on March 2, 2003 at the Centennial House, 411 North Broadway in Corpus Christi. There will also be a planting of a Stephen F. Austin Oak Tree at the Nuecestown School (Hilltop) later in March. After some discussion of other activities we could perform, the members present voted to accept the invitation. Skip Kenedy agreed to serve as chair of our Independence Day activities with the proviso that we not start active planning work until after the holidays. Skip also suggested that Sally Robeau at Calallen could help facilitate student field trips to Fort Lipantitlan for Texas Independence Day.


We next discussed dates and possible locations for our rechartering ceremonies. Grady relayed information from Don Pugh that the event could range from very simple to highly formal. There was consensus that we hold a semi-formal affair and invite the officers of the Clara Driscoll Chapter, DRT. Suggested dates were 1/18, 1/25, 2/1 and 2/8. Suggested venues were the NAS Officers Club, King’s Crossing Country Club, the Republic of Texas Grill, the Water Street Oyster Bar, and the Yacht Club. (Discussions later in the day at Goliad indicated that Saturday, January 25th is the preferred date for HQ personnel. This date and a specific location will be confirmed later. It was also suggested that we print a program for the event.


Treasurer/Secretary Tom Gomez, Jr. presented our first check, #501 in the amount of $14.80 to Grady as reimbursement for November mailing expenses. Tom also passed out a series of handouts he had prepared from the U.S./Mexico War Symposium, which was held in Corpus Christi earlier this year. These handouts also included essays and maps on Fort Lipantitlan.


Our next regular monthly meeting is scheduled for 10 AM on Saturday, January 4th, 2003.


The group adjourned temporarily to reconvene later that day at La Bahia.


The National SRT Awards ceremonies began at 2 PM that afternoon with Grady Price Blount, Tim Erwin,

Tom Gomez, Jr., Skip Kenedy, and Tim Rainey present. In a moving service which included lighting a candle of remembrance for the martyrs of Goliad, the HQ staff put on a great event which brought many a tear to the eyes of the congregation. Grady was moved to write a short essay about the day (Click here to read). Afterwards we had a great time visiting with Sam Clark and the rest of the Black Powder Brigade about our stated goal of obtaining a cannon and becoming active in reenactor activities. Special thanks also to Dick Reese and Tom Houston for their advice and encouragement. For pictures of this memorable day, click here.