Minutes of the Fall 2004 regular monthly meetings of

The Sons of the Republic of Texas, Chapter 17



Tom Gomez, Jr.

Grady Price Blount

John Clanton (December)


The regular autumn meetings of the Kinney Chapter, SRT have been very poorly attended. President Tom Gomez, Jr. and Secretary/Treasurer Grady Price Blount have been present on the first Saturday morning of each month in September, October, November and December*. John Clanton was also present for the December meeting. All meetings were held at the Golden Corral Restaurant at 5274 S. Staples in Corpus Christi. This is located on Staples between SPID and Williams Drive near Moore Plaza. We close the year with $1,008.53 in our account.


*Blount attended the SRT National Executive Committee meeting in Victoria which conflicted with the December meeting.


During the fall term, Blount, who is currently serving as Gulf Coast District Representative, has attended chapter meetings in Bay City, Lake Jackson, and Edna. Each of these meetings typically had 10 to 15 people present. Yet we cannot seem to raise much interest in meetings locally? Blount also attended the December Goliad Remembrance Day (see below), but no one else from the Corpus Christi area showed up.

As your officers, Tom and I are fully committed to keeping this chapter going and being here to serve as resources for Texas history. We fully understand that this may be due to something we are doing wrong (or perhaps the Saturday morning venue is at the wrong time). But we will never know if you donít tell us. Better still, volunteer to take on a leadership role in 2005. If you have read this far, please do us the favor of sending an email with your comments and suggestions. In 2005 we will ramp back to quarterly meetings with an evening venue. But we donít know if this will work either. We need to hear from you!


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Tom Gomez, Jr., President

Grady Price Blount, Secretary/Treasurer


Reminders for 2005:


Respectfully submitted,

Grady Price Blount, Secretary/Treasurer

Kinney Chapter #17