Minutes of the February 1, 2003 regular monthly meeting of the

Henry L. Kinney Chapter #17,

Sons of the Republic of Texas



Grady Price Blount*

Dan Byerly*

Tom Gomez, Jr.*

Skip Kennedy*

Ed Ledwig

*Active SRT members with Chapter 17 affiliation


Before the meeting, we discussed the unfolding story of the apparent loss of the space shuttle Columbia.


Although it was difficult to do under the circumstances, Grady Price Blount called the meeting to order at 10:03 AM in the Banquet Room of the Golden Corral, 1921 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas.


Minutes from the January 2003 meeting had been posted at www.geomadre.com/srt and were approved.


Banquet Recap and Business News


We had 48 persons attending the Rechartering Banquet which was held January 25, 2003 at Port Royal Resort on Mustang Island. The program can be viewed by clicking here.


Members, candidates, and officers present were: Carolyn Baker (DRT), Grady Price Blount, Dan Byerly, John Clanton, Sam Clark, Leonard Cloud, Manti Cummins, Scott Dunbar, Tim Erwin, Joe Fox, Tom Gomez, Jr., Tom Green, Janet Hinkl, Billy Johnson, Skip Kennedy, Ed Ledwig, Cleve Lee, John McElroy, Gerry Miller, Don Pugh, Tim Rainey, Dick Reese, and Kenneth Skillern (and their respective guests).


After a fine meal, we heard short presentations on the life and contributions of Henry Lawrence Kinney and Clara Driscoll. President General Billy Johnson led the pledge to the Texas flag and officially rechartered Chapter #17.


District Representative Don Pugh then called for a regular election of officers. Skip Kennedy made a motion that our organizing officers be elected to full terms by acclamation. This motion passed. The officers of Kinney Chapter for 2003 are thus:

President: Grady Price Blount

Vice-President: Dan Byerly

Secretary/Treasurer: Tom Gomez, Jr.


President General Billy Johnson swore in the new officers and presented our Chapter Charter Certificate to Grady, Dan, and Tom.

You can see pictures of the event at www.geomadre.com/srt/banquet.htm.


Regular February meeting business


Grady announced that Lawrence George Nichols, who visited us a few months ago, has become our second new full member of the Kinney chapter. Way to go Larry! Also, Tim Erwin is ready for his three signatures and will be submitting his application soon.

Treasurer/Secretary Tom Gomez, Jr. reported that we had 48 people at the Rechartering Banquet. We had previous agreed to comp the tickets for President General Billy Johnson and his spouse. Also, there were 3 no-shows, and 2 walk-ons, so we ended up paying for 51 persons. The gross receipts were $1200. The bill for the event was $924.90. Because our chapter checking account did not have sufficient funds at the time of the banquet, Grady initially paid for the event out of his own pocket. The membership present at the February meeting voted to reimburse Grady in the amount of $924.90, which leaves us with a final balance of $616.23.


Skip led a discussion on our plans for Texas Independence Day celebration in March. We have been invited to two events; an Independence Day observance at the Centennial House on Upper Broadway on Sunday, March 2nd at 2 PM (this is next door to the Corpus Christi Cathedral), and a Stephen F. Austin Tree Planting on March 8th at 2:30 PM at the Hilltop Community Center, 11425 Leopard. Take the Violet exit off I-37 to Leopard.


Tom showed off some period shirts he had purchased. We agreed that we would all show up at the March events in period costumes. That gives us all one month to get ready! Tom will bring an 1824 flag, but we need to find or construct a period flagpole for it before March 1st.


By the way, outfitter URL’s can be found at www.geomadre.com/srt/january03.htm.


Grady passed around Xerox copies from the first page of each chapter in the Hortense Ward manuscript of Henry L. Kinney’s biography in the museum at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. Due to Skip Kennedy’s detective work, Dr. Tom Kreneck of the Special Collections at the Bell Library, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has arranged to have a full copy of the manuscript sent here.


It was agreed that our next regular monthly meeting would be held at 1:30 PM at Centennial House on March 1st, 2003. We will not meet at Golden Corral in March.


The meeting adjourned at 11 AM.