Minutes of the November 2003 regular monthly meeting of

The Sons of the Republic of Texas, Chapter 17



Grady Price Blount (Kit)

John Clanton (Mary)

Tim Erwin

Tim Rainey (Jane)


Guests: Jeff and Sue Hensley

                        Bob Coffin


The regular November meeting was called to order to 7:20 PM at the Republic of Texas Bar and Grill on the 20th floor of the Omni Bayfront Hotel in downtown Corpus Christi. This was the first evening meeting of Chapter 17 according to our new schedule of coming together on the first Tuesday night of each month between September and May.


New membership applications were reviewed and signed for Bob and Jeff. Bob’s sponsoring signatures came from Grady Price Blount, Tim Erwin and Tim Rainey. Jeff’s sponsoring signatures came from Grady Price Blount, John Clanton, and Tim Erwin.


Grady explained our plans for the remainder of the year and urged all present to participate in the upcoming SRT events at Victoria, Goliad, and San Jacinto. He also expressed interest in possibly raising funds by appearing at the soon-to-be-announced premieres of the movie The Alamo. Everyone was urged to attend the annual Awards Ceremony in Goliad at 2 PM on December 6th.


Our next meeting will be held at 7PM on Tuesday, December 2nd in the Republic of Texas Bar and Grill, 900 North Shoreline in Corpus Christi.